Important dates

12.2.2018 - 11.5.2018 - Classes in the Spring semester 2017/2018

29.3.2018 - Dean's Day

18.4.2018 - Rector's Day

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After applying through our InSIS, applicants are asked to finish their application and send us required documents:

  1. ECON Application form,  filled Application form including Essay has to be sent via email to
  2. Certified copy of Diploma and its certified translation into English!  (in case that applicant has graduated from Czech or Slovak High school the translation into English is not required)
  3. Nostrification – our program is designed for students from all over the world who have completed their secondary education. Students who graduated from secondary schools outside of the Czech Republic or Slovakia must have their secondary school leaving certificate nostrified (recognized) by Czech authorities according to Czech Law. More info about Nostrification procedure you can see in section Recognition of previous education.