Recognition of previous High School education

For admission to the Bachelor’s degree program at the Faculty of Economics the candidate has to to achieve full secondary or finished professional (vocational) secondary education.

Students who graduated from high school abroad have to have their secondary school leaving certificate nostrified (recognized) by Czech authorities. It is called Nostrification process.

Without Nostrification document the students can not to be enrolled with the statu regular student. Untill the moment of submission Nostrification to us, student studies with a status “special student”. WARNING: Student can study in special status maximaly 2 semesters!

The best way how to understand up achieving this document is to follow this link .

Applicants need to submit:

All the documents above have to be submitted to one of the Regional Authorities in the Czech Republic depending on the applicant´s address in the Czech Republic. In case the applicant has no address in the Czech Republic, he/she can choose and submit the documents to one of the Regional Authorities, e.g.:

Magistrát hlavního města Prahy / Prague City Hall

Odbor školství mládeře a tělovýchovy / Department od Education, Youth and Sport

Jungmannova 35/29

Praha 1

Czech Republic

(Detailed information on handling procedure, required documents, fees, time limits and existing law are :
At the same time there are downloadable form “Application for recognition of foreign education.”  )


Regional Authority of the Central Bohemia Region (4th floor):

Krajský úřad Středočeského kraje (Regional Authority of the Central Bohemia Region)

Department of Education, Youth and Sport

Zborovská 11, 150 21 Praha 5

Czech Republic

Official Hours:    Monday and Wednesday 8:00 – 17:00

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8:00 – 14:00

The Regional Authority can:

It is strongly recommended to proceed personally to those who can manage it.

The applicants, who have no other possibility, can proceed through the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE). All required documents have to be sent to us no later than till the end of August! Later the Applicant/student will have to issue Nostrification by him/herself!

In case that the Applicant wants our hep to start this procedure:

If you will havy questions regarding Nostrification process you can contact Ms. Lucie Wagnerová (

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