Structure of the Program/Study Plan

Program Economics is three-year full-time bachelor’s program. The whole program is entirely taught in English. Each academic year consists of 2 semester.

Each semester consists of 13 weeks and a following examination period consists of 6 weeks.

Winter semester begins by late September, the examination period is in January/February.

Summer semester begins by mid-February, the examination period is in May/June.


Here you can check ECON-recommended-timetable 1


Study plan for ECONOMICS programme, for class starting 2022/23 and sooner:

CORE COURSES  (134 ECTS) 6 5EN757 Basic Microeconomics WT + ST (1st year)
4 5EN755 Discussion Seminar WT+ST (3rd year)
6 5IE752 Economics of Life ST
3 5EN775 Labor Economics WT
5 5EN759 Public Economics ST (3rd year)
3 5HP700 European Union and its Policies WT (3rd year)
3 5HD758 Economic and Political History of Europe in the 20th Century (1918-1991) WT (2nd year)
5 5HD250 Economic History ST (1st year)
6 5IE751 Institutional Economics ST (2nd year)
6 5EN753 Macroeconomics I. ST (2nd year)
6 55F750 Mathematics for Economists I WT + ST (1st year)
6 5EN752 Microeconomics I. WT + ST (2nd year)
6 5EN703 Industrial Organization ST (2nd year, 3rd year)
4 55F752 Academic Writing and Defending WT (1st year)
6 5RE755 Socio-economic Geography WT (1st year)
6 4ST601 Statistics ST + WT (1st year)
6 1FU251 Accounting I. ST + WT
3 5EN704 Introductory Econometrics WT (2nd year)
3 5FI771 Introduction to Philosophy WT (1st year)
5 5HP750 Introduction to Economic and Social Policy WT (3rd year)
6 2PR151 Introduction to Law ST (1st year)
3 5IE750 Introduction to Law and Economics WT (2nd year)
4 5EN754 Introduction to Game Theory WT + ST (2nd year)
3 5IE773 Principles of experimental economics WT (2nd year)
5 5IE753 Introduction to Enviromental Economics WT
ELECTIVE COURSES  (oV) 3 5EN316 Behavioral Economics and Public Policy WT + ST (2nd year)
3 5IE375 Drugs and Economics WT (3rd year)
4 5HP711 Economics and Management of Natural Resources WT (3rd year)
3 5HP381 Chapters in Economic Policy ST (2nd year)
4 5HD381 Chapters in Economic History
4 5HP477 Monetary Policy and Business Cycle WT + ST (3rd year)
6 5RE254 Regional Economics WT + ST (2nd year)
Bachelor Thesis Defence 3 EK07 Bachelors Thesis Defense
Bachelor State exam 3 EK7 State Exam


oP- Faculty or Program mandatory courses – need to pass

oV- Program optional course – student can choose some of courses in this group, together 32credit

oJx/cvB – Language courses and courses from the whole Uni Offer