How to Apply

Everybody who wants to apply to our BSc. program Economics must fullfill the steps bellow:

Description of the whole Admission process: 

First of all, Applicants must register E-application through the Integrated Study Information System (InSIS). The E-Application you can find here.

Applicant has to pay an Admission Fee – 50 EUR or 1300 CZK to the bank account which is mentioned in e-Application in INSIS. Please follow e-application instructions.

Application-Form-ECON-AY2023-24 is one of the required documents. Applicant has to fill in all section in form and together with the other required documents (Motivation Letter, Copy of Passport, High School Diploma if applicant already achieved it) has to upload them into INSIS.


Essay Topics can be found in  “Application-Form-ECON-AY2023-24”. Applicant chooses one of prescribed topics and write an Essay in English without any assistance from others. Applicant has to strictly avoid of any form of plagiarism. In case that any part of submitted essay is translated or copied, applicant will be excluded from the Admission process. he scope of the Essay has to be cca 1200 words. Essay as one of requirements has to be upload together with other documents into INSIS.

Applicant has to upload the whole package of  required documents : ECON Application form,


                                                                                                                       Motivation Letter,

                                                                                                                       High School diploma (only if already achieved it),

                                                                                                                       Copy of Passport .


Motivation Letter doesn’t have any prescrived form form our side.


This package must be uplad into INSIS.

All documents must be prepared in English.

After Deadline we will choose our future students on the base of required documents. Deadline of Application is April 30, 2023.

On the base of commitee decision we will send the results about admission in half of May 2023 resp. start of July 2023.

Accepted students must pay the Tuition Fee for the first academic year/semester no later than August 31,2023.

Enrollment will take place one week before the start of the first Semester (September 2023). More info about organisation of this Orientation week succesful applicants will get during summer.

Applicants will be notified of the results of admission through the program’s website and via email. Than we will send official documents via post mail as well.


Mailing address if necessary:

Mrs. Lucie Wagnerová

Faculty of Economics
Prague University of Economics and Business (VSE)
W. Churchilla Sq. 4
130 67 Praha 3
Czech Republic