Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there an entrance exam to BSc. of Economics?

We offer long distance exam, which means that the Applicants do not have to come in Prague to write any type of  exam.

It’s the part of Application form – an essay that is to be written in English. Candidates will be evaluated and scored according to this essay. Students send all documents electronically and by postal mail. The essay is written on the selected topic. The topics are already listed in the Econ Application form. Candidate chooses one of them and he/she writes directly into the application.


2. Which documents are needed for the application?

– Application form, Essay (on given economics topic). Motivation Letter, Copy of Passport, High School Diploma (if Applicant has already achieved it)

DO not worry when you do not have obtain your Diploma yet – Most of Applicants will graduate after Deadline. We do realize this situation and Diploma is submitted only when Applicant has already obtained it. More info bellow:


3. May I apply when I have not achieved my High School Diploma yet?

YES – We do realise that many of your applicants do not obtain their Diploma before our Deadline. High schools usually finish their terms later than in April. That’s why the Applicant doesn’t have to submit us the Diploma together with the others required documents. In case we accept Applicant to study, he will submit  Diploma at  Enrollment in September.


4. What does Recognition of previous education means?

Each student who has graduated from the High school out of the Czech Republic has to submit us his/her High school leaving certificate Recognition no later than at Enrollment day (September) t. How to achieve this document you can find on the website


5. Is there any administration fee?

Yes, 50 EUR must be paid with the Application to cover administrative costs of the admission procedure.


6. Where can I be logged and where can I eat?

Students can live in the VSE University´s dormitory in Prague – Jarov I, about 15 minutes far by tram to the main University campus in Zizkov where classes and seminars are held.  Meals are offered both in the dormitory and on the university campus for favorable student prices. Besides this, there are plenty of different types of restaurants and cafeterias near the University to choose from.


7. What is the exact cost of Tuition Fee for semester?

The tuition fee is 2500 EUR per semester so it means for a half of an academic year.  Therefore, the total tuition for a whole year is 5000 EUR. Please take into account also some accommodation costs and other living expenses (insurance, meals, transportation etc.) that are not included at the tuition but are offered to our students at favorable rates. Please check the Student Life section. The tuition fee must be paid before each relevant semester starts.


8. What will I need for living in the dormitory?

The basic equipment that you might need for living in the student residence (e.g. sheets and desk lamp) are provided to our students by the dormitories. However, as there are no dishes available in the dormitory kitchenettes we recommend to buy these items when you arrive in Prague as the prices are pretty cheap. Much more info inc. prizes you can find here.