Bachelor thesis

Methodology for writing theses

As students of the program ECONOMICS you are primarly ask to focus on topics from this discipline. You can choose from the supervisors and the general topics below:

Ing. Pavel Potužák, PhD.

What caused the last financial crisis? Saving glut or monetary glut?

The ethics of fractional reserves

Can the nominal interest rate be negative?

Can the real interest rate be negative?

The new monetarism

100-percent vs. fractional reserves

“Current” financial crisis

Friedman’s rule of optimal growth rate of money supply

Is Taylor rule operable?

What is wrong with deflation?

Will there be a hyperinflation in USA?

Ramsey tax

Is the money multiplier stable?


Ing. Helena Chytilová, PhD.

Experimental Economics

Behavioral Economics and Monetary Theory

Economics and Psychology

Money Illusion and Nominal Rigidities

European Monetary Integration, Common Currency and Implications


Ing. Lukáš Máslo, PhD.

Explanation vs. prediction: a role of assumptions in economics

Positive vs. normative economics: should economics be value-free?

Economic anthropology: do the notions of economic theory keep their respective meanings throughout the time?

A just price: a myth or reality?

Usury: a case against justice

Nominal Deflation: what would an economy with a fixed money supply look like?

Catholic social teaching: theory of distributism and its relevance for economics

Socio-economic changes in the Russian society during the last century of the Romanov dynasty


Ing. Klára Čermáková, PhD.

Convergence and inequality – do economies converge?


 Ing. Petr Špecián, PhD.

Impact of Technological Change in the Labor Markets

Positional Externalities: Smith versus Darwin

Economic Models: Description, Prediction and Explanation in Economics

Public Choice and Behavioral Economics

Methodology of Welfare Economics



Ing. Martin Slaný, PhD.

Labor market rigidities and unemployment,

Economic policy in Great recession,

Alternative monetary policy regimes,

Monetary theory in modern heterodox economics,

(Macro)economic analysis of EU funds,

Shadow economy analysis.


In case you do not choose any of teachers above – please note that you supervisor has to be primarly from Faculty of Economics!