Bachelor thesis

Term for Thesis submission for June Thesis Defence is MAY 13, 2024 at 10:00 in room NB310!

Mandatory procedure from topic selection to Defence:

– Each of you must write and defend a final thesis in order to successfully complete your studies. Standard terms for defence of thesis are June, September, turn of January and February.Your procedure will therefore be as follows:

– On the website, you will find a list of proposed topics that our teachers have listed for you and within which you would profile your work. Please pay attention only to teachers from the department that guarantees the program you are studying.

– Choose your thesis topics in advance, the capacity of individual supervisors is limited (due to the time-consuming nature of conducting final theses).

– If you like the topic and its characteristics after viewing the details, contact the relevant teacher and agree on a specific work assignment within the selected topic.

– You can also specify your own topic, after specifying its wording (in person or by email) together with a selected member of the department who is to guide you. When choosing a supervisor for your work, we recommend that you consider especially the professional orientation of the pedagogue in relation to your chosen work topic. The topics that pedagogues generally deal with are usually listed on the website of the given department. (What you see with each teacher are mostly thematic areas – the topic of your work is of course already much more specific. Try to think about them in advance and go to the chosen teacher with a more precise idea.) ATTENTION: when proposing your own topic, please do not use the button ” Suggest a topic’, but contact the relevant educator directly.

– The process of finding a good topic (=the basis of success) is described in more detail in the Methodological guidelines for writing theses at the Faculty of Economics and Business.You will fine-tune a specific “job assignment” with the selected supervisor. This assignment contains several items:

  1.  The aim of the work
  2.   The importance, relevance or expected contribution of the chosen topic
  3.   Characteristics of the theoretical part of the work
  4.   Characteristics of the practical part of the work
  5.   Keywords
  6.   List of professional literature

– Send the final version of the assignment to the supervisor electronically. He creates the assignment in InSIS and then either fills it in himself or entrusts the editing of the student’s assignment. After its finalization, the assignment is first approved by the student, then the thesis supervisor, then the department head and then the study program guarantor. The moment the assignment is electronically approved by all the above mentioned persons, it is confirmed that you will be able to defend the thesis on the given topic. (Until then, it was only between you and the chosen pedagogue, from this moment it is already official.)

– The “Final Thesis” icon will begin to appear on the Student Portal from the moment the supervisor enters the assignment. When you click on it and then click on “View Assignment”, you will see, among other things, the earliest possible date for your defense. This is very important! It is valid that you can defend the thesis no earlier than three months after its assignment, while the departments can set a longer period from the assignment of the qualifying thesis to the planned date of the defense. Therefore, be careful not to choose the topic of the diploma thesis too late and then not have to prolong your studies due to waiting for the defense of the thesis.

– Before you actually start writing the paper, make sure once again that you have studied all the instructions in the Methodology-for-writing-theses 2024 at NF VŠE in Prague – they are binding on you.

– Final theses defenses always take place during the exam period. But since an opponent’s evaluation must still be written on your thesis after it has been submitted, there are deadlines for the entire faculty by which you must submit the thesis at the latest, so that the defense can be completed in the relevant period. You can find these dates on the department’s website.In order to be able to defend at all, you must have registered the relevant subject of the defense. In the “Student Portal” click on “Extra-semester courses” and enter the subject “Bachelor thesis defense”, or “Thesis defense”. Attention, without this event you will not be able to be included in the defense date!



Students will learn all of the above information in the bachelor’s seminar, which is part of the program for students who entered in 2023/24 and later


Please learn Methodology well, where you can find all important information and terms for your thesis writing!

Methodology-for-writing-theses 2024


As students of the program ECONOMICS you are primarly ask to focus on topics from this discipline. You can choose from the supervisors and the general topics below or you can find actual teacher’s topics listed in INSIS :

Ing. Pavel Potužák, PhD.

What caused the last financial crisis? Saving glut or monetary glut?

The ethics of fractional reserves

Can the nominal interest rate be negative?

Can the real interest rate be negative?

The new monetarism

100-percent vs. fractional reserves

“Current” financial crisis

Friedman’s rule of optimal growth rate of money supply

Is Taylor rule operable?

What is wrong with deflation?

Will there be a hyperinflation in USA?

Ramsey tax

Is the money multiplier stable?


Ing. Helena Chytilová, PhD.

Experimental Economics

Behavioral Economics and Monetary Theory

Economics and Psychology

Money Illusion and Nominal Rigidities

European Monetary Integration, Common Currency and Implications


Ing. Lukáš Máslo, PhD.

Explanation vs. prediction: a role of assumptions in economics

Positive vs. normative economics: should economics be value-free?

Economic anthropology: do the notions of economic theory keep their respective meanings throughout the time?

A just price: a myth or reality?

Usury: a case against justice

Nominal Deflation: what would an economy with a fixed money supply look like?

Catholic social teaching: theory of distributism and its relevance for economics

Socio-economic changes in the Russian society during the last century of the Romanov dynasty


Ing. Klára Čermáková, PhD.

Convergence and inequality – do economies converge?


 Ing. Petr Špecián, PhD.

Impact of Technological Change in the Labor Markets

Positional Externalities: Smith versus Darwin

Economic Models: Description, Prediction and Explanation in Economics

Public Choice and Behavioral Economics

Methodology of Welfare Economics



Ing. Martin Slaný, PhD.

Labor market rigidities and unemployment,

Economic policy in Great recession,

Alternative monetary policy regimes,

Monetary theory in modern heterodox economics,

(Macro)economic analysis of EU funds,

Shadow economy analysis.


In case you do not choose any of teachers above – please note that you supervisor has to be primarly from Faculty of Economics!