Application Requirements

Application to the BSc of Economics program will be open December 3, 2019.


Application requirements and procedure

Please read carefully the following points!

Conditions for Admission to the BSc of Economics at the Faculty of Economics:

We do require registration of an E-application (see How to apply) and submission of:

  • ECOn ECON Application form 2020/21
  • a legalized/notarized copy of a High school leaving certificate (as soon as it becomes available after obtaining it) plus translation into English (if in other language than Czech, Slovak or English)
  • nostrification of a High school leaving certificate if applicable (as soon as it becomes available. For more info see the Recognition of Previous Education)
  • a Motivation letter (see Entrance exam)
  • a copy of passport
  • a receipt of payment for the admission fee /EUR 50, which works to CZK 1350, required if the paymnet is missing in INSIS)
  • an Essay of a given economic topic (part of the ECON Application form 2020/2021)


Knowledge of English is a prerequisite and must be proven within the entrance exam. No English language test is required.

Deadline for Application is April, 30, 2020. DUe to the curresnt situation all around the world we will accept the Application after this Deadline until June 30, 2020 too.