Schedule of summer semester unchanged

According to the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, full-time teaching at VŠE will not be possible at least until mid-May 2020. The management of the University, together with the deans of all six faculties, evaluated the extraordinary situation and stated that the faculties of the University are implementing various forms of distance/on-line learning. Therefore, the Rector of VŠE decided as follows:

  1. The teaching period and the examination period do not change,the summer semester will run according to the original schedule. The teaching period ends on May 15, 2020 and the examination period runs from May 18 to June 26, 2020.
  1. Given the current emergency measures of the Government of the Czech Republic and in order to avoid the risk of coronavirus contamination to the dormitories of the University, it is still desirable that students do not return to the dormitories.

The students who are accommodated in the University’s dormitories will be allowed to leave their belongings in their rooms on the basis of the SÚZ VŠE Director’s Order No. 12/2020 and will be charged only 20 % of the regular dormitory fee. The request must be sent via e-mail at by March 31, 2020. The Rector decided to support responsible behavior of students and will grant a one-off scholarship of 20 % of the regular monthly accommodation fee to those students who will not return to the dormitory (and will follow the SÚZ VŠE Director’s Order No. 12/2020, point A. c). The scholarship will be paid to these students in April by transfer to their account. SÚZ is available to answer any questions about accommodation in the dormitories at the e-mail