Special website about COVID-19+ continuously updated

The situation in the Czech Republic is changing very fast and we want to bring all needed information for you.

For this reason the Exchange Office have created special website about the COVID-19 restrictions in the Czech republic and VSE.- https://exchange.vse.cz/covid-19/ – preferably for the incoming exchange students with a possibility to use to main information about the situation for all students!

There you can find all relevant information as well as contacts. This website is being regularly updated however, it takes time to collect and confirm all the information so please be patient.

Information to the education, teaching of the courses are addressed to the exchange students mainly. The students of the ECONOMICS program are requested to follow the information from the teachers of the courses you are registered for!

The lessons continues in the online form. Thank you for your cooperation.

Due to extraordinary measures of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, which with effect from March 11, 2020 forbids the personal presence of students in classes, the Academic Psychological Counselling will be provided online. If a student need a help visit the web of the Academic and Psychological Counselling.