VŠE Statement on Verbal Excesses towards Russian Students

28 Feb

Unfortunately, in the emotionally tense situation associated with the Russian Federation’s military invasion of Ukraine, there were rare verbal excesses on the part of academic members towards Russian students last week. The VŠE management and the deans of the individual faculties consider this behavior unacceptable.
We would like to inform you that personal meetings of three teachers with their superiors took place. An apology was sent to Russian students who had been discriminated against in two lessons. In both groups, another teachers will continue to provide lessons. In one case, a public call with extremely inappropriate content was published on a private Facebook profile. It was prof. Dlouhý from the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics. Prof. Dlouhý is fully aware of his mistake, regrets his act and his apology will be published on the faculty website.

The VŠE statement on the current situation in Ukraine (dated February 24, 2022) is available HERE.