Science and Research

Faculty of Economics seeks to link research and teaching activities, both of which play a significant role in economic theory and research in the Czech Republic and abroad, in addition to helping develop international scientific cooperation.

The University relies on high-quality researchers, talented doctoral students, and visiting professors to communicate their knowledge. In addition, the University benefits from cooperation with the business sphere, and a stable long-term relationship with various bodies of public administration.  The expert advice and economic experience of the business and public sectors combined with the knowledge of the scholars make for a highly-specialized department of national research not only in economics but also in related social disciplines (Economic Policy, History, Regional Studies, Environmental, Legal Science). The grants handled cover topics such as; Economic and Ecological Aspects of Environmental Regulation in Different Market Structures, Fundamentals of Evolutionary Political Economy, Relationship Economics and Politics Using the Great Depression in Germany as an Example, The Role of the State in 20th Century German Economy, Socio-economic Analysis of the Impacts of Climate Change in Relation to Water and the CR. Besides many monographs, researchers in recent years have been published in such prestigious journals as the International Review for Social Sciences, Econ Journal Watch, European Planning Studies, Journal of Evolutionary Economics,  Regional Studies, Ecological Economics, Post-Communist Economies, Waste Management, The Independent Review – A Journal of Political Economy.